The Danish Immigrant Counselling, DIC, is a private Danish organisation dedicated to helping foreigners in the Danish society.

The Danish Immigrant Counselling helps you with application and invitation for visa

Applying for visa can be a complicated process. We can help you with visa and invitation for visa when you want to invite your family or friends to Denmark. It is free of charge.

Today, according to law in Denmark and the whole EU, your guests must have a health insurance/incoming insurance in order to get a visa.

We must point out that it makes no difference, if you are an "ethnic" Dane or a refugee/immigrant, when you wish to invite guests to Denmark. The rules are equal to all. It is always the one who lives in Denmark and is the one who is in the immediate family of the invitees to fill in the invitation.

* We can offer a formal letter of invitation, where we attest and confirm your invitation. 
* We can offer the cheapest and legal required Health insurance/Incoming insurance for visa in Denmark.

At the Danish Immigrant Counselling you can get INFORMATION and HELP regarding:

  • Application for visa/Invitation and guarantee declaration.

  • Valid Health insurance/Incoming insurance according to the EU laws.

  • The laws and procedures of the Danish authorities.

  • Information about the embassies of Denmark.

  • Marriage and Family reunification period during visits to Denmark

  • - and other necessary informations

Call us on phone: +45 88709898 or on cell phone: + 45 26223611.

You can call us or send your questions by e-mail. We are free of charge, and our services are to inform and advise, and we cover the whole of Denmark. You will always get an answer as fast as possible.



Danish Immigrant Counselling is a private association without affiliation to the State and municipalities.

We receive no subsidies from government or municipality

We are not responsible for information on our website, because our service is free of charge!