On this website from the Danish Immigrant Counselling you can get a general guidance and the relevant invitation form for visa application to your foreign spouse, family and / or friends.

When your family / friends apply for a visa to Denmark and the EU, they must submit the application at the Danish Embassy in their home country (see section on Embassies) together with their passport, a signed VU2 invitation from you in Denmark, a health insurance, and documentation for paid health insurance (see section on insurance).

Course of action:

  1. You must be 18 years old or older to invite a visa to Denmark and the EU. It does not matter whether you are a Danish citizen or not.
  2. Fill out the visa invitation, remember your own signature. With your signature, you guarantee that your family's and/or friends stay and possible disease in Denmark and return to their home country will be paid by you. You MUST, in VU2 Invitation form, fill in section 5 ticking for host paying expenses; in section 6 tick for YES and remember to sign your name in section 6; section 9 shall be dated and signed by you as well. Otherwise, the invitee will receive a rejection.
  3. You can invite a maximum of 90 days in Denmark and the EU. In Section 4 in the visa invitation you must indicate a date of arrival to Denmark. Usually it takes 1 month to receive a visa
  4. Fill out the request form for health insurance and send the form to the Danish Immigrant Counselling by mail or e-mail. Once we receive the form, we will send an insurance policy by mail and by e-mail. This policy and a receipt for the paid insurance must be submitted to the embassy. Otherwise the application will be rejected
  5. When submitting an application to the Embassy remember to bring along following things:
    • Passport photo - 2 pcs.
    • Passport - must be valid for at least 3 months after staying in Denmark / the EU and have at least 1 blank page
    • 450,00 DKK./60 EURO in local currency for payment of application
    • Copy of name/birth certificate and declaration on active citizenship
    • VU2 Invitation and guarantee declarationn
    • Copies of the policy and receipt for paid health insurance
    • The invitees must meet up in person.

The Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs offers via their website a self service solution, where you can use an online invitation form by using NemID. Read more about how you should do if you want to use the online form (in Danish only - scroll down to Privatbesøg):

Please note, that it is outside the area of Danish Immigrant Counselling to guide on using the online inivtation form.

SALE - send us an email for additional information:                                                                  There are usually several documents to be included to the embassy. You can send us an email with what family you want to invite and from which country. Then we will send you information about it is likely the invitees will get a visa, where to search and the information that the invitee should have with the filing of the application

Download heree
Download heree
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