- INCOMING Health Insurance

Gouda - and Danish Immigrant Counselling - a strong partner for you and for us.
We offer the required health insurance for visa application for each day or per. month with 33 % discount. It is much cheaper than other companies.

We offers at least 33% discount on statutory health insurance - Incoming Insurance insurance for visa application. If you buy a single month's insurance you will receive a 43% discount from Gouda's prices at the Immigration Advisory Service.

It is a special offer, which MUST be ordered through Danish Immigrant Counselling the health insurance should NOT .- helbredsforsikringen skal NOT be ordered directly at Gouda by you.

This special health insurance covers foreigners arriving in the EU and Denmark on a Schengen visa.

Our prices: DKK 700 per month, DKK 24,00 per extra day.
You must  be under 70 year.
Children under 16 years old: 350 DKK per month, DKK 12,00 per extra day.

All insurances will be sold for minimum 1 month duration.

You need a Health insurance/ INCOMING Health Insurance to the invited/the guest. The invited applicants for visas must have a health insurance and proof of health insurance has been paid upon the submission of visa application. OTHERWISE THE APPLICATION WILL BE REJECTED IMMEDIATELY!

According to Danish law - and agreement in the EU - the visitor on visa in Denmark and the EU has to be insured by hold a Health Insurance / INCOMING Health Insurance which covers the costs associated with medical treatment, medication and emergency hospital treatment during their stay in Denmark and the EU. The health insurance must cover all Schengen countries, and the minimum amount of insurance coverage should be 30,000 Euros. Download description of the health insurance. Gouda provides 24-hours assistance in Denmark, the rest of the EU and the whole world.

Download the application for health insurance - Fill out the application and send it to us. When the Danish Immigrant Counselling has received the application form, we'll send your policy by post and electronically via email. Expedition normally takes 1 hour.

You can buy our health insurance with confidence. Should the invitees NOT receive a visa then remember, before the insurance start date, to contact Danish Immigrant Counselling for refund of your deposit. Written rejection of the visa applicaton must be presented as evidence. Repayment costs DKK 100,00.

If one in the visitors' home countries can buy a similar insurance for 10 to 30% cheaper than ours, it very often turns out to be expensive, since YOU as the person inviting, have signed on to pay all costs of the visit. When purchasing a health insurance in foreign country (other than DK) you must pay with cash everywhere when the insurance is needed in Denmark. If the purchased insurance in the foreign country will NOT refund the expenses, what is often happening accourding to informations given to Danish Immigrant Counselling, it is YOU who will have to cover all costs like hospital stay and other expenses. By contrast with our Gouda health insurance, payment will be agreed on in advance through Gouda's 24-hour service with emergency doctor, hospital emergency department, hospital stays, dental, etc. .

Foreign-Danes during their stay in Denmark and the EU can also make use of this health insurance..


Danish Immigrant Counselling is also selling other insurances -
at advantageous prices and with best service in Denmark:

  • Youth Travel (under 35) - You can buy youth travel insurance, as long as you are over age 35 years on departure day. With a Gouda Youth Travel Insurance you are covered by exciting activities such as river rafting, water sports, climbing, diving and bungee jump - all over the world.
  • Travel Insurance (under 70 years) - You can get 50% discount for children who are less than 16 years on departure day. Children who are less than 3 years on the day of departure will be covered for free.
  • Senior travel insurance (from 70 years) - This insurance covers travel, which lasts for up to 3 months. If you travel in the EU / EEA countries for over a month or outside these countries, it is a condition of coverage that you have submitted and received approval for a medical report.
  • Annual Travel Insurance - Insurance for people who travel several times a year.
  • Au Pair Insurance - Au Pair insurance covers au pairs residing in Denmark. This insurance covers repatriation of illness and death, and can be subscribed for 6, 12 or 18 months. NB Always inform e-mail address and telephone number when ordering, it will be contacted personally by either. mail or telephone.
  • Write to: or call Danish Immigrant Counselling on +45 26223611 to order insurance. Please always state/inform following data when ordering an insurance:

  • Name of the purchaser/the person ordering the insurance (first name and surname)
  • Date of birth
  • Post address (street, house number, postcode. and city)
  • E-mail-address
  • Phone number
  • Insurance wanted (type of insurance desired)
  • Is suitcase insurance wanted when booking travel insurance?
  • Departure and arrival dates
  • Countries to be visited by the insured